20 Really Hot Girl Guitarists Who’ve Set Stages on Fire


From hair metal bands in the 80s to pop rock, guitar solos are forever etched in the history of modern music.

Although there weren’t many female guitarists as famous as Slash, Jimmy Page, Kurt Cobain or the likes, there are some seriously talented female guitarists around. Like a YouTube comment on a video read, “There is nothing sexier than a fit bird on a Les Paul”.

Check out this list of 20 really hot girl guitarists who have set the stages on fire whenever they performed!




Orianthi is a 31-year-old Australian guitarist known as one of the most spectacular and dynamic guitar shredders presently in business. She had featured in the re-make of “We are the world” and appeared on American Idol.  Story has it that king of pop Micheal Jackson selected her as his on-tour guitarist because of her talent after she played the “Beat It” solo made famous by the legendary Eddie Van Halen. She has worked with artists like Alice Cooper, Carrie Underwood, Steve Vai and Carlos Santana.

In 2009, when Carlos Santana was asked about Oranthi in an interview, he said “If I was going to pass the baton to somebody, she would be my first choice.” 

If you don’t believe us, check out this video.